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Main Features & Functions

  • New electronic circuit design, minimize mechanical components usage; high quality parts and accessories made by computerized machines, guarantee product reliability and durability, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Intelligent CNC technology cooperated with advanced software technology, control head movement, cutting blade forward path and speed, ensure the cutter not offset, so as to ensure the cutting effect. Simulation of cutting blade moving path, and intelligent optimization, not only improve machine running efficiency, but also can greatly reduce the cutting blade's damage.
  • Reinforced stainless steel blade could cut composite cloth, imitation leather and carpet etc... Maximum compressed cutting thickness up to 6cm. Built in cold air cooling blade parking device, a unique blade automatic regulation system.
  • Double vacuum pump design, ensure enough suction power to prevent movement of material being cut. Efficient and quiet vacuum pump, automatically compensate vacuum air loss during cutting processes, save energy and improve cutting quality.
  • The machine work quietly at 75 db and the material waste during cutting process will be filtered out by automatic filtering device.
  • Clean and convenient, continuously materials discharge after finish.


Speed(max) 60m/min
Average Cutting Speed 20m/min
Max Cutting Height(compressed) 60mm
Cutting Area 1800mm x 2200mm
Cutting Method Route Optimized Cutting
Air Flow 1.5m3/h
Pressure 600Kpa
Noise Level under 65dB
Weight 3500kg