› Easy to operate
› Suitable for large pattern quilting
› Roller system for mass production

Main Features & Functions

  • Quilting & Embroidery machine control system is self-development product. With a 10.4 inch touch screen computer, easy to operate and easy to learn.
  • Selectable alternative head to embroidery, suitable for large pattern quilting.
  • Less thread breakage rate, save labor intensity and improve productivity.
  • Auto thread trimming for color change or jump pattern without manual cut.
  • Unique Four Needle Quilting & Embroidery machine in the industry.
  • Unique oiling system lubricated all parts insde machine heads, longer machine service lifetime.
  • Equipped with Japanese jumbo rotary hook, which has thread capacity 2.2 times as the conventional model, less bobbin replacement frequency and improve factory working efficiency.
  • Richpeace professional embroidery CAD software with powerful function, easy to learn and user-friendly.


Model RPQ-E-424-135(270)-T-1
No. of Heads 24
Number of Needles 4
Quilting Embroidery Area (mm) X-direction : 135/270mm
Y-direction : Unlimited
Full Width in X-direction : 3240
Quilting Speed Max. Speed 850 rpm
Stitch Length 0.15~12.4mm
Stitch Storage 13 million stitches
Pattern Storage 200 patterns
Power Supply 3-phase 380V 50Hz
Consumption 4.5~5KW