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Large Format Sublimation Transfer Machine
Rand Asia - GMI Large Sublimation Transfer GMI-R170-42>
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42” Sublimation Roller Heat Transfer Machine (1.7m, Oil Drum)

The GMI-R170-42 Roller Heat Transfer Machine transfers dye sublimation inks from paper to the fabric or fix ink on directly printed fabrics. This machine offers an excellent penetration of the ink through and across the whole of the material whilst maintaining a consistency of colour throughout the whole process. Its’ high performance and easy operate features make it a smart choice for professional printers with mass production capacity such as roll to roll fabrics, cut pieces and etc.

Customisation of size is available for this model.

Rand Asia - GMI Large Sublimation Transfer GMI-SH80100
GMI- SH80100

Wide Format Single Platen Hydraulic Heat Press Machine

The GMI-SH80100 is a wide format sublimation presses specially designed for textile sublimation market. Using edge-to-edge heating element technology, the press handles a wide variety of materials and increases throughput with nearly full use of the entire work surface. Suitable for large fabrics & piece goods, full-bleed printed sportswear panels, banners, and more.