Rand Asia - GMI Stilista 2000
Stilista 2000
Embroidery Software by GMI Italy
The Stilista 2000 is the modern approach to embroidery. Known for customized designs, each drawing tools available in the program makes designing easier with a user-friendly interface. Regardless if the images are vector or scanned, the Stilista 2000 is capable of processing with high accuracy.

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User Friendly
An online manual function is inserted to ease the user's work. Function parameters are clearly visualized and with the help of smiley, you can always know whether the parameters you are using are correct. You can now work either on scanned or vectorial images exported from the most common graphics programs. The program also automatically saves the design that you are working on at any modification so that it will minimized the risk of losing your work.
For Creative People

For those who think fantasy is more important than technique, you can always opt for special coloured stitches which is one of GMI's exclusive features since 1991. You can now fulfill your imagination in many ways; through Stilista's Stitches and Complex fills, Special "in-line stitches" (PSIL), Special Fill Stitches, 3D effects, Photostitch and much more.

Allow you to obtain a photographical effect either in one fill or in the entire embroidery.

Rand Asia - Photostitch Fill
Rand Asia - Brick Fill
Rand Asia - Brick Fill
Rand Asia - Wave Fill
Special "in-line stitches" (PSIL) (Optional)
Rand Asia - Special in-line stitches
Rand Asia - Special in-line stitches
Rand Asia - Special in-line stitches
Rand Asia - Lettering


Through Stilista 2000's built-in lettering system is user friendly and can be manipulated just like any other object, as if you had punched them by yourself.

The system can manage fonts of any dimension whereby it allows user to modify any lettering character, apply 3D effects, change any fill of a character, and even create new fonts.

Rand Asia - Running Stitches

Running Stitches

With the new development, it is now easier for the user to create designs with most complex running stitches, without worrying about the digitizing sequence.

You can now repeat and branch any running stitch perfectly over the existing outline.

Easy & Fast editing system

You can modify the design outlines and parameters whenever you wish, just move, enlarge, reduce, cut, copy and paste any object, block or the whole design. There is no worry of the stitching accuracy as it will always be perfect even the design is enlarged by 300 % or reduced by 90%.

• Object-oriented editing – With a simple Drag & Drop action, you can copy the parameters of an object to another or change its sequential position.
• Source Lines – you can use up to 5 different nodes of the vectorial source lines in your design. Source lines can be inserted in 9 different ways, which can be completely automatic, semi- automatic or manual.

Rand Asia - Easy & Fast Editing System
Rand Asia - 3D Special Effects

3D Special effects

3D Special effects can be applied to all objects, blocks, or the whole design, modifying either the individual stitches or the source drawing in the last case whereby stitches can be completely recalculated to fill the drawing.

3D effects like wave (18), slant, sphere, perspective, etc. can be applied to lettering. By using "insert stitch boundary" tool, you can apply a tridimensional effect to any contour.

Rand Asia - 3D Special Effects

Laser cutting tools

Stitlista 2000 can plot the laser cutting tool of any existing embroidery machine or plotter. Through this tool, it is also easy to have fabric cut at any distance from the embroidery border.

Rand Asia - Laser Cutting Tools
Rand Asia - Embroidery Archieve

Embroidery Archieve

With the archiving system of Stilista 2000, you can now save your designs on the hard disk and later retrieve them through icons or customizable search criteria either by embroidery name, client's name, date of production and etc.

• Clip Art – We have inserted some tutorial designs together with the images used to digitize them. You can always use them as a reference or insert them in your own designs.

True View

Besides showing the exact thread dimension, the stimulation of the finished embroidery in Stilista 2000 visualises and prints sequins in their different shapes and colors.